CNC End Milling Machine LXD-CNC-250


Aluminum Window Fabricating Machine, used for aluminum profile end processing, and suitable for various profiles.

It is mainly used for milling the end faces of aluminum profiles to meet the connection between the middle and frame materials.


Large tool diameter, high milling speed and good processing result.

Universal cutter, no need special milling cutter for different profile. Saving cost and cutter replacing time.

Multiple profiles can be milled at one time, suitable for large-volume, multi-variety machining processes.

Store different profile programs in the computer, and replace the profile without adjusting the tool, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

The machine adopts numerical control technology, which can complete automatic cutting of different sizes of profiles.

When processing different profiles, it is not necessary to customize the tool, thereby shortening production preparation, cycle and cost.


Power supply

 380V  50HZ     

Motor power


Motor rotational speed

 2800r /min  

Operation air pressure


Horizontal Cutter Diameter

 ø 250mm x ø 32mm       

Vertical Cutter diameter

ø 305 mm x ø 30mm

Motor Travel Distance:


Maximum Cutter Depth:

85mm Horizontal;    100mm   Vertical

Processing roughness:


Worktable Size


Contour dimension

3965×1740×1670 mmL×W×H 

Machine net weight :


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